How to write an outline for an autobiographical essay

Writing an autobiography is an interesting way to help students learn about the writing process, while they are allowed to write about something you know well about themselves. The writing process consists of five steps, which ends with an edited and polished piece. To achieve a final draft, you need to go through a brainstorming and design phase, where ideas are written and compose simple sentences. This same process can be used to write an autobiographical draft.



In an introductory paragraph, lists basic facts about yourself. For example, write your name, date of birth, place of birth and where you live today. This paragraph should include at least three to five sentences.

In the second paragraph., Eumera three facts about your life than you take pride. You may have gotten good grades or you are a good friend. This will include at least three sentences in the paragraph.

In the third paragraph, lists three facts about your life and you want to change at least one thing you want to do in the future. For example, perhaps you did not do as well as you hoped spelling bee in fourth grade and want to get level six in it. You must list these facts in a paragraph of at least three sentences

In the fourth paragraph, lists three facts in at least three sentences about your family, family traditions and write about your brothers, sisters and other relatives. Includes the degree to which your brother or sister is and where you want to go on vacation with your family.

Write a concluding paragraph where resumas your life. Reaffirms data you included in the first paragraph. This paragraph should include at least three sentences.


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