It’s the place to record what you know about the witnesses, organizations, and

It’s the place to record what you know about the witnesses, organizations, and

documents around which the case revolves. It’s the place to trap the questions you have about the case, including who should find the answer and by when. It helps keep you, your client and any other folks on your side

of the case informed. CaseMap is a litigation-specific program, built to help you develop case strategy. It is designed for use with all types of cases and by all types of litigators. CaseMap integrates with TimeMap, CaseSoft’s chronology-mapping tool, TextMap, RealLegal Binder and other transcript management applications.

As a knowledge management tool, CaseMap contains features for replication and synchronization to permit working with case information while out of the office. Replication and synchronization is a CaseMap feature that permits trial team members to work in different copies of a case file that can be merged to create one updated version. A replica is a special copy of the case file that merges back into

the master copy. Synchronization is the process of merging the changes made to the information in a replica back into the master version of the file. When trial team members go on the road, they can take replicas of the case file along, and make additions and updates to the facts, objects, issues, and questions

in it. While these individuals work in replicas, trial team members back in the office can make changes to the master version of the case. When a replica is returned to the office it can be synchronized with the master version of the case file, thereby automatically melding changes made in the replica with changes

made in the master. CaseMap is $495 per user license. Discounts are available for purchases of two or more licenses. Each license comes with a no-charge phone training session and with three months of technical support. NoteMap allows you to build outlines and collapse extraneous branches when not needed to aid your

thinking and case preparation. While CaseMap is definitely aimed at the complex case, it need not be confined to such cases. It is the leading product in a new class of applications called case knowledge management software or case strategy management. CaseMap allows a litigator to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a case and to make decisions resultant on the outcome of that analysis. Where a case is less than straightforward and the evidence is lengthy, CaseMap offers litigators the equivalent of a scalpel to cut through the forest to view the

essentials of a case.

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