SBO NEWS Boss pervading open mind to the new home of the football gods .

After the ” football gods” Bangkok United back in to sort out the league again last year in 2013 to create a hearty addition to their fans . Also received the good news continues in that range. Because the new boss of sbobet True Corporation to act as President of the new club .

He is pervading Chiaravanond son ” magnate Wallop CHEARAVANONT ” is best known as the third generation . Proven proficiency and has been trusted to take care of business in diverse fields including CP sbobet plays heavy ranks Representative Group Plc . TRUE .

The coming of the pervading Chiaravanond time that will make Thailand attractive to the film industry . The role of a young businessman who served as chairman for the ” football gods” Bangkok United sbobet thai also hard on the extra player on the team consistently.

Moreover, he is also featured on cheering Bangkok United prospered because sbobet afforded think the fans backing to absorb many ports . Be an important mechanism in driving the take ” football gods” to success in the near future.

Referred to pop plans on building a nest new home of the ” football gods” Bangkok United since I was concerned that the use Golf Thailand – Japan with a capacity of little sbobet may not be sufficient . the expansion of the fans in the near future .

Meanwhile, also referred to as a club to meet in the city. Project because this new field . It is home to accommodate their own fans are on the increase. By looking at the outskirts of Bangkok sbobet primarily with a completely ready .

“We’re in the middle of talking to the architect. Which he himself has a new field for us to choose the two together and nest , home of the solution in terms of specs sbobet we wanted to be in the form of the Bang Cock united with the fans. an important part of the team ”

Meanwhile, the ” Boss pervading ” also talks about the place to invent new home of the ” football gods” is that “we want to meet the team from Bangkok. Sbobet , the capital of Thailand and is the main focal point . We will build the Don ” .

” Because of that, we will build a new stadium there. We consider the journey of the fans in mind. Because we want to make them comfortable than ever. Including the Parking Division from a family or group sbobet to make this house a place for everyone to appreciate it, ” .

In addition, the club president Bangkok United are more details about the new stadium that. ” This stadium will have a capacity of . 15,000-25,000 people in response to the growth of the sbobet fans of the team will be home team. Including the Academy of team work ” .

” I am confident that in the next few years ahead . Division of Bangkok United will be proud of our new home and will move sbobet success together in the future. ”

Classified as a lucky follower ” football gods” Bangkok United are pervading Chiaravanond sitting sbobet the club president , and plans to develop a new home . To the success of the team in the future. Through two thousand people in front the home of the nest .
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