Strategy, Tactics and Execution: Litigation Software

Generally speaking, litigation support programs can be divided into two groups: those that provide transcript management and search functions; and, those that provide a database for gathering, organizing and searching other case information. Some programs, like Summation, combine these features in a single program.

Litigation support has undergone a tremendous transition due to the web. We are seeing a proliferation of group work solutions facilitated by Internet document and evidence depositories, evidence analysis, and document management solutions. The favourite litigation support software today remains Summation —with Blaze LG, Blaze LG Gold, iBlaze and CaseVault. Summation offers the ability to bring together transcripts, document summaries, document images, and OCR-scanned text. In this database, you can search, highlight, add comments, and use an outlining tool to prepare your case. Furthermore, you can create and access document depositories on the web, load selected portions onto your laptop and then work off-line. With iBlaze and CaseVault you can either access your case information using the Internet or host the case information for group-work situations ( The runner-up is Concordance 7.2 with iCONECT software and Opticon. Concordance is a close competitor to Summation with corresponding features that can search PDF documents as well as email and other data formats. With iCONECT software you gain the ability to access your documents via the web. The made in British Columbia competition to Summation and Concordance is Searchlight, which offers similar features to Concordance and Summation at a fraction of the cost. Searchlight was used in the

Glen Clark case and selected for the Air India case, which is expected to be the longest and most complex trial in Canadian history. Searchlight has been used to take digitized data, evidence, pleadings and other documents to produce a true “paperless trial” in British Columbia. Searchlight is a local Vancouver company and provides imaging, indexing and other litigation support and services.

Searchlight now offers group work access via extranet capability from your network. Visit their website for a fuller description of this information and litigation management system ( RealLegal Binder can perform full-text searches on all imported transcripts, on the current transcript, or

on user-defined group or transcripts. Boolean and proximity operators help pinpoint key testimony. Previous searches are automatically stored for future reference. Binder automatically generates a linked table of contents, as well as a hyperlinked word index.

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