These features accelerate and simplify transcript navigation.

These features accelerate and simplify transcript navigation. Binder supports real-time reporting through a universal connection. Counsel can use real-time chat technology to communicate and strategize with remote participants. Review, annotate, and transcript text as it scrolls by on your computer, and synchronize final transcripts with your real-time annotations. Transcripts (with annotations and issue codes) and reports (in HTML or XML) can be sent via e-mail directly from the RealLegal Binder interface to your recipient. The received materials can be imported directly into another copy of RealLegal Binder or viewed with just the recipient’s browser. Binder provides options for full or condensed printing of transcripts, annotations, search results, reports and the word index. It integrates with CaseMap®, Trial Director®, Sanction II®, and JFS Litigator’s Notebook®. RealLegal Binder is also compatible with Timaro Video Systems for transcript-to-video synchronization. As you work in RealLegal Binder, you’re able to export single or multiple transcript annotations directly to these applications. RealLegal Binder allows for synchronization of “projects” maintained on desktop or network drives with laptop computers. Project synchronization means a group of personal computers or laptops use a server to store a case, and anytime a change is made on any of the computers, the case is updated without deleting critical information. But what happens when someone loads a case on a laptop, flies to Japan, and works on the case during the trip? Meanwhile, people at the office continue to work on the project. What happens then? Upon return, the person connects his or her computer to the server, and the server synchronizes the case with all of the updates: Those made in Japan and those made at the office.

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